A celebration of Bank Holiday weekends

Apr 21, 2023

A celebration of Bank Holiday weekends.

Now that we’re midway through T.S Eliot’s ‘cruellest month’, we can start to look forward to a May that promises to be a great deal of fun. Those of us who aren’t massive fans of trudging off to work on a Monday morning can take comfort from the fact that there are only two working Mondays out of five in May 2023. That’s right, we have a terrific trio of Bank Holiday Mondays coming up.

The Great British Bank Holiday.

If anyone ever deserved a bottle of Gasm, it was Sir John Lubbock, a Liberal politician and banker who introduced the Bank Holidays Act in 1871. Gasm Drinks—our range of exceptional fizz cocktails that combine fruit gins with finest-quality sparkling wine from the Veneto region—weren’t available to buy online in the Victorian era, so people expressed their gratitude by referring to Mondays off as ‘St Lubbock’s Days’.  While that turn of phrase is no longer used, we’d still recommend taking a moment to purchase flavoured Prosecco-style cocktails online (you can buy Gasm champagne-style cocktails here) and raising a glass to the man responsible for that glorious ‘no work tomorrow’ feeling. 

May Day.

The first of our three Bank Holidays is Monday 1st May, or May Day. The English have celebrated the first day of May for 2000 years. In Roman times, the festival began as a way to honour Flora, the goddess of fruit and flowers. The return of spring has all sorts of other wonderful associations, and May 1st has long been earmarked as a day for fun and a celebration of fertility. 

The sort of corporate speak we could get behind.

Fun, frolics, fruit and fertility could very well be our brand values at Gasm Drinks, so we hope our fans across the UK will stock up on the world’s best fruity fizz cocktails and pop a cork or two to get the May Day parties going. We have three equally splendid fruit gin cocktails to choose from: Sloeberry Gasm, Razz Gasm and Plum Gasm. Assuming you’re struggling to choose between them (our favourites change week by week), we should point out that we have three Bank Holiday weekends this week, so the smart option should be to purchase flavoured Prosecco online, buy a bottle or two of each and enjoy them all!

A right royal reason to celebrate.

The Coronation is, of course, the reason for the extra Bank Holiday this year. So that’s two extra holidays in consecutive years for which we have the royal family to thank (2022 was, of course, the Platinum Jubilee). Even with the extra day, however, the UK is still languishing in last place when it comes to days off. We only have nine national no-work days, whereas the European average is 12.8. The lucky people of Sweden win the prize for the European country with the most holidays: they have a fantastic 16 days off per year! But we can’t very well all emigrate to Sweden, so let’s focus instead on making the most of the holiday we have.

Outdoor celebrations.

One of the best things about public holidays is the chance to gather outdoors. Parties in the open air are the best sort if you ask us. In fact, we’re not sure there’s another drinks brand that was created specially for the open air. The inspiration for our Champagne style cocktails came from the ‘sloe gasm’, a glorious fizz cocktail that you make by mixing sloe gin with bubbly. We’d enjoyed sloe gasms on outdoor meets for years and were quite used to packing a bottle of fizz and a hip flask of sloe gin before heading off. There was, of course, no alternative back then. 

Colourful, classy and convenient. The ready-to-drink cocktail.

So we created the first all-in-one sloe gasm Champagne style cocktail. Working with a world-renowned sommelier, we perfected the balance between the warming kick of fruit gin and the invigorating excitement of sparkling wine. We now had three fab fizz cocktails that were perfect for al fresco enjoyment, and all that we needed to do was pop a cork. We were so pleased with the results that we felt duty bound to share it with the world. Gasm Drinks was born, and everyone was invited. 

The ultimate Bank Holiday drink.

May 2023 promises to be a historic month. We don’t get coronations very often, after all! So why not treat yourselves and your friends and family to something truly special and delightfully different? There is nothing better to get you into the swing of things than our vibrant, colourful and exciting fizz cocktails. So, make it a month to remember in more ways than one, purchase flavoured Prosecco style cocktails online, and prepare for something intensely pleasurable!