All the Reasons to Attend the Beaufort Christmas Fair!

Nov 24, 2022

Every year, the Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt hosts a Christmas fair which raises money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance and Youth Action Wiltshire. To date, they have raised more than £20,000, which is a great achievement. It’s always nice to contribute to good causes and we had a fantastic time at the fair. The fact that several people knew what a ‘sloe gasm’ is was a bonus!

Online vs offline

We love a good event, as it’s such fun to introduce new people to our fizz cocktails. We also enjoy seeing familiar faces both among the visitors and the terrific stallholders. It’s always great to connect with people directly but those of you who can’t make it in person are always invited to buy online directly from us.

Something for everyone

The Beaufort Christmas Fair prides itself on the variety of treats on offer, and it was immediately clear that there was something for everyone among the colourful, eclectic displays. There was a wonderful array of fine clothing, tasty snacks and, of course, terrific British-made drinks! There are many people who don’t regularly purchase flavoured Prosecco online, or indeed our own drinks, so we think it’s important to be face to face wherever possible. Anyway, before we went on our customary tour, we had new fans to make and a captive audience to impress.

Where it all started

We’re proud of our range of fizz cocktails, which we make by blending finest-quality sparking white wine with glorious fruit gins. We’re very proud of our range, and we don’t think there’s a better alternative for those who want to purchase flavoured Prosecco online. It’s no secret that our inspiration came from the famous tipple ‘sloe gasm’, which people make by mixing sloe gin with Prosecco, sparkling wine or Champagne. This does make a delicious drink, but we couldn’t help noticing the inconvenience of having to mix a fizz cocktail on the hoof! So we set to work finding the perfect, pre-mixed blend, which adults can enjoy simply by popping a cork. We created three flavours inspired by fruits that are native to the UK. If you’d like to try them, click here.

The tasting process

We have three varieties of Gasm Drinks: our original Sloeberry Gasm, a fresh and fruity raspberry-infused Razz Gasm, and a rounded and moreish Plum Gasm. We normally suggest people start with Plum Gasm, which is the most delicate, before trying Razz Gasm then Sloeberry Gasm. Over the years, we’ve learnt that everyone’s tastes vary: some people are adamant that Razz Gasm is the sweetest, yet others insist that Plum Gasm is best for those with a sweet tooth! At Beaufort, most of our guests were delighted to stick with Sloeberry Gasm, which has a warming kick from the sloe gin that makes it ideal for the colder months. It’s gratifying to hear how much people enjoy our drinks; it truly makes it worthwhile.

Time for a tour

Our fizz cocktails were flying off the shelves, so we took a little look around. We started off with a sample of rum from Beckford’s. We spoke to the lovely Lesley, who gave us a taste of their silky smooth and utterly delicious caramel rum, which won a coveted 3-star Great Taste award. It was easy to see why. Lesley explained that their rums are so delicious and smooth that mixers aren’t really necessary, and we agree. Beckford’s are a great example of an independent drinks company doing all the right things. Speaking of which, we also loved meeting Tony from Silver Fox Gin. This was a lovely drop. Silver Fox is five-times distilled, making it so smooth that you don’t even need tonic!

Jolly Nice indeed

One of the most eye-catching displays belonged to Jolly Nice Farmshop, an award-winning retailer in Stroud where people can buy all sorts of delicious drinks, including our very own range of fizz cocktails! We’re incredibly proud to be stocked by Jolly Nice and it’s great to know that people who can’t buy flavoured Prosecco online are able to go to there to buy Gasm Drinks—a delightful blend of premium fruit gin and quality sparkling wine—in the traditional way!

We don’t just like booze

Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that we tend to focus on drinks, but that’s only to be expected. Any of you who have met us or been kind enough to buy flavoured Prosecco online will know that we’re truly passionate about the industry. But that’s not to say our head can’t be turned by a lovely bit of bib and tucker. We had a great chat with Tom, who’s the founder of Worboys Shirts. Our own founder Richard is a bit of a fan and looking at the colourful collection of beautifully patterned shirts, it’s easy to see why.  The shirts are both flamboyant and smart, making them perfect for work and play.

Great smells and lovely socks

It was almost time to go, but we couldn’t resist the delightful aromas coming from Olive and Rosie. Every one of their fragrant, zero-cruelty shampoo bars and soaps is totally unique. By eliminating plastic and water waste, they’re saving the planet one bar at a time. Glorious.

Our final stop was Pittch, the purveyors of exquisite Merino wool socks. We chatted to Elisabeth, who took us through the benefits of natural fibres and showed us their myriad eye-catching designs. These socks are a cut above the rest, it’s clear.

Stay in touch

We hope you’re enjoying the blog. Remember, if you can’t come to see us at an event, you can always buy Gasm Drinks directly from us! We’re a friendly bunch, so if you’d like to talk, we’re all ears!