Celebrate Cheltenham Festival 2024: Exclusive Gasm Cocktails Offer & Fascinating Facts!

Mar 26, 2024

🏇 Cheltenham Festival Madness: A Centennial Celebration with Gasm Drinks! 🏇


Hey, Gasm Family!

With the thunder of hooves and the thrill of the race, the Cheltenham Festival is upon us once more! And guess what? We're hitching a ride on this exhilarating journey with an offer you simply can't ignore.

🌟 Special Offer Alert! 🌟

In the spirit of Cheltenham, we’re dishing out a whopping 10% off any order for our beloved subscribers. Just swing by our site, whip out the code March24 at the checkout, and voila – savings galore. Because what's a celebration without a little Gasm in your glass?


💡 Did You Know? The Wild World of Cheltenham 💡

As we gear up for the festivities, let's trot through some fascinating factoids that make Cheltenham the crown jewel of racing:

- A Century of Gold: This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first Gold Cup in 1924. That's a hundred years of heart-pounding, hoof-stomping glory!

- Royal Obsessions: King James I was so spellbound by racing that Parliament pondered over ways to snap him out of his horse-fueled reverie. Talk about commitment to the sport!

- A New Year, A New Age: Every thoroughbred in the northern hemisphere blows out candles on January 1st, while their southern counterparts celebrate on August 1st. It’s all about keeping tabs on their age without getting into a tizzy.

- The Name Game: Thinking of calling your racehorse something snazzy? Hold your horses! The Jockey Club holds the reins here, choosing from up to six submitted names. Remember, no Hall of Famers and keep it under 18 characters. 'Red Rum' is a no-go, but 'Red Gasm'? You're onto a winner.

- Feast Fit for Champions: If you thought the races were all about fast horses and fancy hats, think again. An astonishing  ‘5 tonnes of smoked salmon’ are devoured each year at the festival. Pair that with a Gasm, and you're racing in style!


🏉 For the Rugby Buffs: A Nod to History 🏉

And here’s one for the scrum enthusiasts: The first inter-school rugby match kicked off between Cheltenham College and Rugby School in 1896, paving the way for the beloved game as we know it today.


🍹 Let’s Raise a Glass to Cheltenham 🍹

As the festival gallops into view, there's no better way to celebrate than with your favourite Gasm cocktail in hand. Whether you're a race aficionado, a history geek, or just in it for the party, let's make this Cheltenham Festival one for the ages.


Stock up now, and let the races begin!

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