Christmas: A Primer On Celebrations

Dec 8, 2022

As an independent British drinks company, Christmas is a very busy time of year. We love the bustle of Christmas fairs (as followers of this blog will know) and we’ve had a great time meeting all of you and introducing you to the delights of Gasm Drinks. Thank you!

There’s still time but you’ll have to be quick.

We’re all hands on deck at the moment and things won’t slow down until we take our short Christmas break on 22ndDecember. But don’t worry, there’s still time to purchase our flavoured Prosecco-style cocktails online. To ensure that you get your fizz cocktails in time for Christmas and New Year celebrations, please purchase our amazing, flavoured Prosecco style cocktails before the end of 21st December. If you’re looking to buy the perfect gift for the discerning drinker, or indeed to treat yourself to something unique and intensely pleasurable, you’ll need to act quickly, so click here.

Variety is the spice of life.

Aside from the general merriment and regular opportunities for outdoor pursuits such as clay pigeon shooting and Boxing Day hunts, Christmas is the perfect occasion for Gasm drinks for a whole host of reasons. First, it’s different. We love Champagne, Cava and Prosecco, but it’s difficult to get truly excited about drinks you and your friends and family have had so many times before. Arriving with a bottle (or two!) of Gasm, with its delightful colour and warming kick from the gorgeous fruit gin, will be sure to make an impression and provide the ‘wow’ factor that brings a smile to everyone’s faces and conversation to the room.

Supporting UK producers.

It’s also worth saying that producers in the UK deserve support after what’s been a very difficult year. Rather than spending your hard-earned dosh on fizz that’s owned by companies on the continent, you could instead choose something unique that supports those of us who create something special from our beloved Britain. Our flavoured Prosecco-style bubbly is infused with fantastic British fruit gin: this creates something that has all the flair of the best European sparkling wines with a quintessentially British undertone. It couldn’t be easier to purchase flavoured Prosecco style drinks online, simply click here.

Gasm goes beautifully with seasonal classics.

Now, if getting something unique and delicious that supports British producers isn’t reason enough to purchase flavoured Prosecco style drinks online, then it’s also worth pointing out how beautifully Gasm drinks pair with classic Christmas foods. The warming kick of the fruit gin adds intrigue and depth that complements a range of favourite dishes, so it’d be remiss of us not to come up with some pairing suggestions for each of our three delicious fizz cocktails.  

Simply the best pigs in blankets.

Let’s start off with the ultimate Christmas finger food: pigs in blankets. As marvellous as they are on a plate next to the other trimmings, we think these treats are best enjoyed before the main meal: they keep the wolf from the door hunger-wise and free up vital oven space for final preparations. The key to getting pigs in blankets that are truly delicious is to make them yourself; those little ones that come pre-prepared just don’t have the texture, and the quality of the chipolatas often leaves a lot to be desired. So pop down to your local butcher and pick up some quality handmade chipolatas and smoked streaky bacon. Lay the bacon flat and scrape along one side with a sharp knife to stretch the rashers. Next, carefully wrap a rasher round each chipolata, covering as much of it as you can. Bake them at 180˚ for about half an hour. Once done, remove the sausages from the tray and place them on paper to drain. In the meantime, pour two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce into the tray and scrape up all the sticky, caramelised goodness. Then place the baking tray on a low heat, keep stirring and add a tablespoon of honey. Next, return the drained sausages to the tray and roll them around in the honeyed juices. Serve them with complex and fruity Sloeberry Gasm and your feast is off to a fantastic start.

Razz Gasm and chocolate puddings: a match made in heaven.

Not everyone likes Christmas pudding, so those of you who want something different should consider serving up classic chocolate fondants. We have tried all sorts of recipes—and we don’t want to get the blame if they don’t have the runny chocolate centre that’s so important—so we recommend following this recipe from a well-known shouty chef. We can, however, take full responsibility for the perfect beverage to enjoy with your chocolate pudding: Razz Gasm. The raspberry is sweet enough to stand up to the sugar in the pudding, and the slight tartness cuts through the richness from the dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Give it a try, we know you’ll love it!

Putting the ‘sloe’ into a quick Christmas pud.

Of course there are lots of us who love traditional Christmas pudding. It’s also a blessing that great-quality puddings can be popped in the microwave and ready in a few minutes, which does help take the strain away from the people in charge of the cooking! Whether you choose to make your own or get one from the shops, it’s always worth getting a lovely sprig of holly (preferably with a berry or two) and placing it in the middle of the pudding. To add a bit of theatre, find the largest metal spoon you have, fill it with brandy, and light with a flame before pouring over the holly and pudding. This will give a lovely blueish colour and an exciting crackle. All that’s left is to pop open a bottle or two of Plum Gasm; the deep, warming and moreish flavours marry perfectly with the fruity, spicy and boozy notes in the pudding. Your friends and family won’t stop talking about till next Christmas. You can buy Plum Gasm and our other flavoured Prosecco-style drinks online directly from us.

Let us know what you think.

If you do try any of the ideas above, do drop us an email and let us know. We’d love to hear all about it!