Easter Eggs-travaganza: Double the Gasm, Double the Fun!

Mar 26, 2024

🎉 This Easter, We're Not Playing by the Rules – And Neither Should You! 🎉 


Hey there, Gasm Family!

As the dust settles on the Six Nations, we’re here, glasses in hand, ready to toast to the unexpected twists of life. Sure, Wales might have walked away with the wooden spoon (who saw that coming, right?), but here at Gasm HQ, we believe every cloud has a Sloeberry lining.


🍾 Double Trouble with a Side of Gasm This Easter 🍾

In true Gasm fashion, we’re shaking things up this Easter with an offer that’s as bold as our drinks. Grab a case of 6 half bottles of Sloeberry Gasm, and we'll throw in another case at half price. That’s right, we’re giving away pure pleasure – because if we can’t win at rugby, we’ll win at bringing joy to your doorstep.

Use the code Easter24 at checkout, and let the good times roll. Free shipping? You bet. We’re not about to let anything dampen our spirits.

 Welsh Pride, Gasm Style 

While you're waiting for your delivery, let's dive into some Welsh wonders. Did you know Wales is the castle capital of the world? Or that the highest mountain was named after a Welshman, Sir George Everest? We’re all about celebrating our roots – quirky, bold, and unapologetically Welsh. 

And speaking of Welsh wonders, let’s talk about Ken Owen. Our boy Ken spent 300 hours on a bed of nails. If that’s not dedication, we don’t know what is. Ken, we salute you – next round’s on us.


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Here’s to a season filled with mischief, merriment, and plenty of Gasm.


Cheers to that,


💕 The Gasm HQ Rebels