Gorgeous Sun, Meet Reflection: How to Pause & Reflect

Feb 10, 2023

As we enjoy a period of glorious, frosty, bright weather, team Gasm Drinks thought we’d dedicate this blog to the importance of not getting bogged down. There’s no denying that there’s a lot of miserable news at the moment: the economy is creaking, the aftereffects of the pandemic continue to cause havoc, and Putin’s senseless invasion of Ukraine is a constant source of untold misery. As news breaks about the impact of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, it’s heartbreaking to think of all the families who must be suffering.

The bigger picture in troubling times.

Closer to home, the cost-of-living crisis is very much in full swing, making what was once considered routine bills a malevolent force to be reckoned with. Yet tragedies like the earthquake should give us a sense of perspective: the challenges we grapple with, however tricky they seem, pale in comparison to the horrors that so many people are facing. That’s why our only choice is to carry on carrying on. So let’s take stock: why not purchase flavoured Prosecco-style drinks online and join us as we explore things to be positive about?

We have never had it so good.

While global poverty is still the largest problem the people of our planet face, sometimes it’s worth remembering just how far we have come. If you went back 200 years to 1820, you’d find 90% of people in extreme poverty. Today, the situation has reversed: now 90% of the global populace is no longer extremely poor. Whichever statistics you look at and wherever you draw the line, there is no doubt whatsoever that poverty throughout the world has declined and continues to do so. Of course, this isn’t to say that there is no longer massive inequality between rich and poor, there is, but sometimes it’s worth pausing to reflect (perhaps with a fizz cocktail – you can buy flavoured Prosecco style drinks online here) on how lucky we are when compared with our ancestors.

The UK is a brilliant place to live.

True Gasm fans will know that we’re unashamedly proud of this little island that we call home. However much political turmoil we go through and regardless of the financial situation, we should always remember how lucky we are in this country. Even as we navigate strikes, underpaid nurses and a disgruntled public sector, it is nothing short of miraculous that we still have a healthcare service that is free at the point of access and from which no one is excluded.  This is something to be proud of, and we’d like to raise a glass of glorious, gin-infused Gasm to all the healthcare workers who make us better. After all your hard work, purchase flavoured Prosecco-style cocktails online from us and enjoy something special: you deserve it.

That goes for education, too.

Those of us whose plans were sent into disarray by the teachers’ strike last week were made acutely aware of how much we depend on our educational system. The fact that parents can, regardless of income, send their children to a school in which they’ll be educated in a range of subjects by highly qualified, trained teachers, is certainly a reason to be cheerful. Whatever our children end up doing, whether they become pilots, librarians, or even have the fortune to run a company that offers people of exquisite taste the opportunity to purchase flavoured Prosecco-style drinks online, we know that the education they have will be better than that which their grandparents had. While it’s far from perfect, access to a free education is the first step out of poverty for millions of young people. When we start to get down, we should think of the billions of young people throughout the world who would do anything for the same level of opportunity.   


The best things in life are still free.

Always remember, dear Gasm devotees, that the best things in life remain free. Going for a walk on an early spring morning, talking to friends and family, or simply relaxing with a good book that you found in a library are all sustaining for the soul and easy on the wallet. It’s always worth taking a step back to focus on what’s important. Things are rarely perfect—we all struggle sometimes—but joyous moments are only ever a moment away. And remember, there are still people out there who have never heard of Gasm drinks and who have never been able to buy flavoured Prosecco-style drinks online. So those of us who are in the know have yet one more reason to be cheerful.