One small step to can, one giant leap for Gasm Drinks.

Jun 5, 2024

May 2024 will go down in our history as a very special month for Gasm. Our journey began many moons ago, when our founders were inspired to create the perfect sloegasm and bottle it, finally ridding themselves of the faff and inconsistency that came with outdoor mixology. After countless attempts and a lot of tastings with a renowned sommelier, our flagship product, Sloeberry Gasm, a perfect blend of fine sparkling wine and glorious British fruit gin, was born. Two more fabulously fruity flavours followed, Razz Gasm and Plum Gasm, as well as a string of awards and plaudits galore.

And now, the next huge milestone in the Gasm story. 

Gasm is available in cans! That’s right, our award-winning, dragon-slaying, unique and preposterously delicious fizz cocktails are no longer only for sale in our beautiful glass bottles, but also in perfectly formed, 250ml cans of quality! We’re launching our cans in two flavours, Plum and Sloeberry, which are exactly the same as the products you’ve grown to love, just in a convenient, classy and perfectly portable new format. 

For this latest innovation, we’ve placed the emphasis firmly on sustainability, without sacrificing any of the luxury that you’ve come to expect. We will make our cans in small batches, and we’re printing them in sustainable ink, completely removing the need for labels and making our aluminium cans 100% recyclable. 

We’ve also taken steps to lower our carbon footprint by choosing a cannery in Cornwall, which reduces emissions and cuts down food miles, meaning you can enjoy the intense pleasure of Gasm while knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet.

As for the product itself, it’s amazing, and we’re sure you’ll love it. We’ve come up with a fantastic new design that’s sure to get tongues wagging wherever you crack open a can, and the fact that you can easily pop a couple into a bag means that we can see Gasm become the connoisseur’s drink of choice practically anywhere. From pubs and clubs to festivals and long commutes, our new cans have got you covered!

We’re launching our cans exclusively to buy on our own website for between £6.00 and £5.25, and we have all sorts of exciting plans for them which we’ll let you know about soon. They’re available in a plastic-free 3-can tube, as well as in party packs of 6 and 24.

Shout it from the rooftops, and let’s make 2024 the most intensely pleasurable year yet!

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