No Saints Allowed: The Ins and Outs of St. Paddy's Day!

Mar 16, 2023

There’s nothing saintly about St Patrick’s Day.

This year, the 17th of March falls on a Friday. That’s right, the day that those of us who live across the water have ‘borrowed’ from our Irish friends as a handy excuse to get blotto falls on the day of the week when vast swathes of the population routinely set out to do exactly that. To some of you, this might come as welcome news: you might be gearing up for a night on the town and getting ready to hit the bars and clubs and make it a night to remember (or not, as the case may be).

There is another way.

Those of you who are anything like us at Gasm HQ, however, have probably earmarked Friday night as one to stay in. Novelty hats, endless pints and a hideous hangover constitute a well-worn path, but there comes a time in life when such things lose their appeal. Indeed, there are probably some Gasm devotees who can’t think of anything worse. The good news is that this blog is for you. The even better news is that there’s still time for those of you who want to purchase flavoured Prosecco-style cocktails online to have them delivered in time for Friday. You’ll have to be quick, though – click here.

The Cheltenham Gold Cup is on Friday.

Before we get to the evening celebrations, it’s worth pointing out that this year’s St. Patrick’s Day happens to coincide with the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The contribution of The Emerald Isle to the ‘sport of kings’ can’t be overstated, so fans of all things Irish will have plenty to look forward to. Legendary Irish trainers such as Willie Mullins, Gordon Elliott and Patrick Neville will all have horses in the race, but who will have the luck of the Irish? You can see the runners here.

The perfect bottle for a hamper.

Those of you who are looking for tips can rest assured that we have a ‘dead cert’; whether you’re watching at home or packing a hamper for the day, there is absolutely nothing better to imbibe than Gasm! Our amazing range of Razz Gasm, Plum Gasm and Sloeberry Gasm fizz cocktails are celebratory, colourful, sparkling and utterly delicious. We have created a unique blend of Venetian sparkling wine and British fruit gin to create a bubbly that is invigorating, warming and truly special. Whether you want to impress your guests or simply to treat yourself, purchase flavoured Prosecco style cocktails online directly from us and buy the only drink that can really be described as ‘an intensely pleasurable experience’.

A lovely evening in.

Depending on how your horses get on, you might be looking to spend the evening celebrating or commiserating. Remember, not going out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a celebration. From the moment we got our family business going, we’ve always been advocates of enjoying the finer things in life, whatever the time of year. And in our view, there’s nothing better than having great friends and family around a table. Great food, happy company and a fizz cocktail or two is our idea for a good time. Now, as proud residents of Montgomeryshire, when we think of Ireland, we think of lamb. So why not make a glorious Irish stew?

A ‘stupendous’ idea.

There is no real recipe for Irish stew, but those of you who like to have something to follow can click here. We do, however, have a few pieces of advice. A good Irish stew starts with bacon: cut a few rashers into pieces and start by frying your smoked bacon in a cast-iron pot. Once it’s browned and has released its fat and water, remove it with a slotted spoon. Then add large chunks of lamb neck or shoulder that you have liberally tossed in flour. Make sure to cook the lamb on a high enough heat to give it colour before adding any stock, potatoes and vegetables and reducing to a simmer: it makes a huge difference. Our other (completely unbiased) recommendation is to buy flavoured Prosecco style drinks online and serve Sloeberry Gasm: the fruity notes cut through the fat beautifully and result in a perfect pairing.

Will it be a Super Saturday?

The fun doesn’t stop on Friday for Irish sports fans, as on Saturday Ireland play England in The Six Nations at 5 pm. ‘The Shamrocks’ are going for the Grand Slam, the Triple Crown and of course the title of Six Nations winners. England are playing for pride. It promises to be a fantastic game. We’ll be putting a bottle of Razz Gasm on ice to enjoy while we watch, and we’d heartily suggest that you purchase flavoured Prosecco online and do the same.

What’s on the horizon?

We’re getting ready finally to spill the beans on our Dragons’ Den experience, so keep an eye out for that. We’ll also be exploring ways to enjoy the finer things in life, and filling you in on our schedule for spring and summer. Remember: this blog is for all of you as well as us, so feel free to drop us a line with any comments, suggestions or feedback.