Proudly Being a Fun-Lovin' Brand

Jun 18, 2023

When you start a fruit gin cocktail company and call it ‘Gasm’, it should go without saying that you’re not averse to having a bit of fun. This is one of the many reasons why we’re so much looking forward to the coming months.

Gasm’s guide to ‘The Season’.

Every season has its pleasures, but ‘The Season’ is, for us, the best time to pop a Gasm cork. Think of the opportunities! Wimbledon, The Ashes, Royal Ascot, Goodwood, Henley Regatta, Glyndebourne: all places in which you can share the best and most memorable glass of the day for a fraction of the price of a Champagne cocktail!

Champagne is great, but it doesn’t stop traffic.

We’re not for a minute saying that Champagne is old hat. It’s a wonderful, celebratory drink that adorns any hamper. All we’re suggesting is when push comes to shove, it’s very hard to get an appreciative ‘Ooh!’ from anything less than an eye-wateringly expensive bottle of bubbly.

Introduce your friends to an intensely pleasurable experience.

This is where we’d like to think Gasm comes into its own: a glass of chilled, light, ruby-red, British fruit gin ready-to-drink cocktail will give your guests, friends and family something they can talk about. They can compare notes, write it in their diary, follow this blog (ahem) and join the club.

Luxury value.

There is not a shred of doubt in our minds that Gasm is the single most impressive, memorable bottle of fizz you can buy at its price. Dare to inspire by sharing something special: all you have to do is purchase flavoured Prosecco online and grab a showstopping, ready-to-drink fruit gin cocktail here. Trust us: when it comes to special occasions, Gasm is the savviest of savvy choices.

Celebrating Royal Ascot.

Speaking of which, Royal Ascot is on the way, in all its chaotically, madly Britishly brilliance.  We’d urge anyone who’s never been to give it a try: it is, quite simply, brilliant fun. Much of the news surrounding the event is centring on the potential for protestor disruption, but we shouldn’t let that distract us from what is, for hundreds of thousands of people, a hugely enjoyable day out. Around 300,000 guests attend Royal Ascot each year; it is easily the best-attended race meeting in Europe. We think that’s something to celebrate.

The great tradition of dressing up.

You can’t picture Ascot without the clothes. Which, in the case of chaps, means Morning Dress. The history of formal attire is actually quite fascinating, but there’s not much point in our repeating it here. What is worth saying is that men look marvellous in it, and any chance to dress up and look your best should be taken. It’s also worth taking pride in the influence this very English outfit has had further afield. Just look at this photo of a Japanese emperor and US president wearing clothes based on the fashions of late 19th century England.

How to bring your own hamper to Royal Ascot.

Formal attire is needed to get into the Royal Enclosure, which is all well and good, but the problem is you’re not allowed to take a hamper! So those of you who are happy in a nice suit or summer dress might consider the Windsor and Heath enclosures, into which you take your own picnic. The even better news is that you’re permitted to include one bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne. We hope there will come a time when Gasm is mentioned by name as an alternative, but don’t worry, you can absolutely bring one 750ml bottle per person to include in a ‘cool’ box worthy of the name. We should know!


The perfect Ascot hamper.

The first step to the perfect hamper is a bottle of your favourite Gasm Drinks flavour. So don’t delay, purchase flavoured Prosecco online and get ready to impress. Once that’s sorted, try these classic additions.

Cucumber sandwiches.

Cucumbers are cheap, grown in the UK, healthy and delicious, and the cucumber sandwich is the simplest way to share something princely. Grab some good-quality sliced white bread and the best salted butter you can find. Leave the butter out overnight so it’s soft and spread it generously over both slices of bread. Slice 8 slices of cucumber so that they’re thin but still have bite and layer them over the bread, avoiding the edges. Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt over the cucumber and a tiny bit of pepper. Finish the sandwich by cutting the crusts off with a sharp knife. There is no better hamper sandwich for Royal Ascot.

Delicious cold rice salad.

If you’re after an alternative to potato salad, try this. Boil some brown rice. While it’s cooking, finely chop green peppers, cucumber, spring onions and lots of parsley. Next, prepare a simple dressing with white wine vinegar, olive oil, a tiny bit of wholegrain mustard, seasoning and a squeeze of lemon juice. Once the rice is done, drain and pour over boiling water to wash off any excess starch. Allow the rice to cool for a few minutes and then stir in half the parsley and a good splash of dressing. This will give the rice a lovely green hue. Allow to cool for another 10 minutes then stir in the other veg, the rest of the parsley and as much more dressing as it needs. Pop it in the fridge in a Tupperware pot. This makes a brilliant and versatile summer picnic dish which, along with a Razz Gasm, will place you firmly in the top tier of picnic hosts.

More to come.

We’re going to keep you up-to-speed with the British Summer Season, so be sure to follow us for more tips, recipes and ways to celebrate. And remember, when you’re looking to impress, you could choose an overpriced Champagne…or…Gasm.