Rugby Cheers and Fizz Cheers: Dive Into Gasm Drinks' World of Events and Facts!

 🏉 Rugby Woes, Fizz Facts, and Gasm Gatherings: Mark Your Calendars! 🏉


Hey there, Gasm Family!


This weekend, the rugby world served us a whirlwind of emotions, leaving us to toast the victors and console the defeated. With England and Wales showing their mettle but ultimately falling short, we're already on the edge of our seats for the next matchups. Will Wales conquer France? Can England halt Ireland's momentum? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: we'll be watching with a Gasm in hand!


🌟 On the Road Again: Meet Us Face-to-Face! 🌟

Fresh off the exhilarating Castell Howell food show, we're buzzing to announce our next stops. Nothing beats the joy of clinking glasses with our fabulous supporters. Here’s where you can catch us next:


- Farm Shop and Deli Show, NEC Birmingham: April 29th-May 1st

- National Shooting Show, Harrogate: May 11th-12th

- RWAS Royal Welsh Show: July 22nd-26th


Circle those dates! We'd love to swap stories, share laughs, and maybe even challenge you to a factoid duel.


💡 Did You Know? Bubbling Over with Fizz Facts 💡

As we prep for these exciting events, let's dive into some sparkling snippets of history that prove everything's better with a bit of fizz – and a lot of Gasm:


- Ancient Booze Laws: The very first laws known to man weren't about theft or land, but about keeping Babylon’s drinking houses in check around 1770 BCE. Talk about priorities! 

- A Cross-Channel Creation: Dom Perignon may be a Champagne icon, but did you know his famed bubbly was a Franco-English-Spanish collaboration? English bottles and Spanish corks played pivotal roles in crafting the perfect fizz.

- Gin & Champagne: Separated at Birth: Back in 1688, the same year Dom was perfecting his Champagne, gin was born out of necessity in England, thanks to William of Orange’s brandy ban. Fast forward to 2019, and Gasm Drinks finally brought these long-lost siblings back together in one deliciously effervescent embrace. 

- Cork Flying Champions: Ever heard of Professor Emeritus Heinrich Medicus? He holds the world record for the longest Champagne cork flight at a jaw-dropping 54.18 metres. Fancy trying to outdo him with a Gasm cork? We’d love to see that!


🍹 Ready, Set, Rugby (and Records)! 🍹

As the rugby excitement builds, don't forget to stock up on your Gasm favorites. Whether you're cheering from the stands or the comfort of your couch, a Gasm cocktail is the perfect matchday companion.


Catch you at the shows, and here's to making every occasion a winning one – regardless of the scoreline!


Till next time,


❤️ The Gasm Family