Spirit of Christmas Visit

Jan 11, 2023

Our blog is here. And here to stay.

Some of you might have noticed that the ‘blog’ section on our website has been a little bit ‘roomy’. Well, the good news is that we have managed to drag ourselves away from making and producing our award-winning fizz cocktails for long enough to start telling you all about what we’re up to. As of now, we promise to keep you up to date with our quest to bring the joy of Gasm Drinks to discerning grown-ups the world over.

Sampling Gasm Drinks.

We’ve always believed that getting people to try our product is the best way to encourage them to purchase flavoured Prosecco online. This is one of the reasons we’re big fans of events. Last week, we were exhibiting at The Spirit of Christmas Fair. We gave out thousands of samples of our drinks, which are available here if you’d like to buy flavoured Prosecco online.

As well as introducing our fab range of fizz cocktails, one of the great things about exhibiting at events is the chance to visit the stands, try the amazing treats on offer, and meet some lovely people. So while Richard and Sam were manning the stand, the content team took a little tour…

A trip to Provence and Italy?

Our first stop was Pink & Co, purveyors of utterly delightful, English-grown rosé. We met Sam, who let us taste this stunning wine, which is a crisp, elegant and flavourful pale rosé that is made from homegrown Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes. It was every bit as good as the best Provencal varieties: things were off to a great start!

With a spring in our step, we popped across to visit Paul & Hilary, owners of Blackfords, who create amazing liqueurs from their base in the Cotswolds. We tried their limoncello, which was the best we’d ever tasted, and their newer (and no less exciting) Pompelmocello and Blackberry variants. Absolutely delicious!

Surveying the Cornish coast.

Next were two Cornish stands. First was Pentire, who produced a glorious, no-alcohol botanical spirit. We chatted to Millie and tasted Adrift and Seaward. They were both lovely, clean and distinctive, but we especially enjoyed the marine flavours of Seaward. A very different but just as yummy product was next up, as we spoke to Paryss, who gave us a taste of Cornish sea salt vodka from Tan Dowr. Although its name means ‘fire water’, we were stunned by how smooth and supple their vodka is. It’s every bit as good as the best Russian vodkas out there. Thanks Paryss!

Artisan cocktails and gin—delivered.

Things were going swimmingly, so it was time for a cocktail from NIO. We chatted to Becci, who gave us a taste of their Snow Daiquiri, which she poured from one of their amazing, sustainable cartons that pop through the letterboxes of their many customers. The cocktail tasted like it had just been mixed in a bar; very impressive. Keeping with the theme of environmentally friendly packaging, we had a great chat with Charlotte & Martin from Gin in a Tin (Charlotte wins ‘best business card’ for her aluminium bottle). They had an extraordinary array of wonderful gins of every flavour, all of which are presented perfectly in colourful aluminium tins that fit through your letterbox. Our favourite was a fruity, exquisite pumpkin, nutmeg and orange gin that was wonderfully Christmassy. Definitely one to try.

Sustainable, delicious, British produce

Next up was Sapling, a climate-positive British spirits brand that has sustainability at its heart. They have planted nearly 100,000 trees and, through their refill system, have saved 24,000 bottles. It’s also fair to say that their gin and vodka were absolutely first rate. Thanks to Hatty for a very enlightening (and enlightened) conversation.

After all that gin, we fancied a bit of rum, so went to see our chums Ollie and Finn of John Paul Jones. We sampled their subtly saline, complex white and dark rums, and they were every bit as exceptional as their myriad fans proclaim.

Honey, I drank the sips

Feeling really quite invigorated, our next stop was Beeble, where we met and chatted to Joe. Beeble infuse excellent Scotch Whisky, vodka or rum with Wiltshire honey from their own hives. The result is a sustainable and delicious collection of unique, British-made drinks: no wonder it’s known as ‘the bee’s knees’.

Now that we’d had a taste for honey, we thought we’d try some of the pure stuff. And there’s only one option for the best honey: Manuka Direct. We had a chat with the wonderful Lexi, who explained the product’s exceptional quality and medicinal benefits. This was easily the most delicious honey we’d ever had. Lexi buys it directly from the very best suppliers in New Zealand before bringing it to her fans across the UK via the Cotswolds.

Berry Christmas

Our time was coming to an end, but we couldn’t resist the allure of Blue Aurora. We love berries and fruity flavours, as those of you have been kind of enough to purchase flavoured Prosecco online will know, so we know a kindred spirit when we meet one. We had a lovely chat with Rachel while sampling exquisite English blueberry wine, which is made entirely from blueberries that Blue Aurora press and ferment on their farm in Northamptonshire. A lovely drop.

Time to go

We left with springs in our steps and joy in our hearts. The independent British artisan drinks industry is thriving, and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it. Please keep an eye out for Gasm Drinks at future events; we’d love to see you. Remember, if you can’t make it to an in-person event, you can buy our flavoured Prosecco online simply by clicking here.