Where Premium Taste Meets Playful Charm

Feb 21, 2023

Two sides to every story. 

Conventional wisdom says that if you’re setting out to build a high-quality, grown-up cocktail brand, you shouldn’t call it Gasm Drinks. If, however, you’re building a business that’s proud to be different and ever-so-slightly naughty, then calling it ‘Gasm’ sums it up rather nicely. The formidable investors on ‘Dragons’ Den’ (who, perhaps unsurprisingly, we don’t agree with) insisted that you have to be one or the other. You either need to have an upmarket, high-quality look and feel or be tongue-in-cheek and sassy. And never the twain shall meet.

Art imitates life.

For them, a grown-up, exquisite fizz cocktail with premium, restrained branding that called itself ‘Gasm’ was confusing. For us it makes perfect sense. We think people can be British, premium, classy and a little bit cheeky. And we should know. So why can’t the same apply to a company that lets fans buy flavoured Prosecco style drinks online? We didn’t spend far longer than we care to think about perfecting our original, unique and delicious drinks to follow the status quo. We created Gasm drinks to break the mould and come up with something that is, like its namesake, intensely pleasurable. Something with a bit of ‘phwoar’.

There’s a cold snap coming…

Rumours are swirling of an impending cold snap approaching the UK. Given the already stratospheric energy costs, this won’t come as welcome news. At Gasm HQ, however, we always try to look on the bright side. Yes, we might be at home more and yes, we may need to spend more than usual keeping warm, but the opportunity to stay at home and snuggle up under a blanket could provide a bit of repose from what’s been a very challenging few months. Also, while modern heating methods might be more efficient, blankets, candles and cosying up have their own advantages that are as old as the hills. And guess what? We have the perfect tipple to raise the temperature in more ways than one!

Spicing things up.

There is nothing less romantic than going through the motions. If you really want to make an impression, the first thing to do is show you’ve put some thought into it. Popping to the supermarket for a bottle of plonk is the booze equivalent of getting flowers from the petrol station: it simply doesn’t give a good impression and is unlikely to impress. In fact, taking shortcuts often has the opposite effect to the one you’re hoping for. If you are hoping for a bit of romance, put in the groundwork. Forget the bottle of wine and don’t bother spending a fortune on Champers either. Get something different, colourful and exciting. Buy flavoured Prosecco style drinks online from us and chill to perfection. Then you can ask the immortal question: ‘Shall we have wine, bubbles or…Gasm?’

OK, any other tips?

We’re not putting ourselves forward as great experts on the finer points of seduction, we’re simply saying that no other drink is, by definition, as intensely pleasurable as our amazing fizz cocktails. Whether you choose Plum Gasm, Razz Gasm or Sloeberry Gasm, you’ll get a drink that’s effervescent, full of flavour, colourful and exciting. The warming kick from the British fruit gin adds a ‘je ne sais quoi’ that a glass of Chardonnay could never give. This, coupled with vibrant colour and delicate bubbles, is the Gasm difference: give it a go by taking a minute to purchase flavoured Prosecco style cocktails online and see for yourself!

Should I cook?

In a word, yes. It’s an easy way to show you care and set the tone. Be careful not to spend all your time in the kitchen, however: no-one likes feeling neglected. Again, the answer to this conundrum lies in preparation. Why not spend the evening before making a fish pie? A bit of smoked and unsmoked fish, a white sauce and a creamy mash and you’re in business. That means that all you need to do on the day is pop it in the oven and steam some green beans. Preparing by getting the cooking out of the way and sorting the drinks in advance (you can buy flavoured Prosecco style drinks online here) means you can both make an effort in the kitchen and not leave your significant other on their own: a ‘win-win’ if ever we heard one. And one that’d pair beautifully with a luscious Plum Gasm.

What’s next for Gasm?

We hope you make the most of the cold weather and that everything goes to plan. As for us, we’ll be doing what we always do: bringing the message of Gasm Drinks to tasteful people the world over. We also think it’s about time we spilled the beans about Dragons’ Den, so keep an eye out for the next few blog posts…